Crisis Management

Crisis Management working group

Chaired by PKP S.A. (Poland) since January 2023
Co-chaired by RPF (India) since January 2023

In response to a context where security threats are increasing and the ever-changing regulatory framework leads to new obligations, a thematic working group focusing on security crisis management was launched in 2023 called Crisis Management Working Group (CMWG).


Within this working group, the focus will be on the aspects which are relevant to security with the group aiming to foster cooperation on the security aspects of crisis management, such as:

  • Procedures when dealing with a security incident;
  • Training and exercising of crisis management plans;
  • Sharing of experiences from recent security related crises.

The CMWG has been deliberately set up to address security challenges both within Europe and in regions outside of Europe by having a Chair and Vice Chair from these different regions.

Work Program

The Three main topics to be addressed during the 2023-25 working programme are:

  • Business Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management (including training and exercising) in case of security incidents
  • Crisis communication in case of security incidents

The goal is to publish a new document (exact type to be determined) concerning Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

How to join the Working Group

If you are a member of UIC and you want to join the working group, please contact

History of the topic within the Security Platform

  • December 2015: 11th Security Congress in New Delhi, asked to provide a benchmark study
  • Beginning 2016: Creation of an additional security program including this topic
  • June 2016: Workshop on “Crisis Management”
  • November 2016: 12th Security Congress in Helsinki, publication of the Recommendations for Crisis Management
  • February 2018: Workshop organized “Crisis Communication and Social Media”
  • October 2018: 14th UIC Security Congress in Bled, Slovenia theme “Crisis Management & Resilience”
  • May 2019: Railway Crisis Management Seminar in Libreville, Gabon
  • 2021: SIA WG meeting: “Crisis management in case of combined cyber and physical attacks with a special focus on the collaboration and exchange with the relevant authorities.”
  • 2022: Creation by the Steering Committee of the Crisis Management Working Group

Key Results

  • Publications
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Wednesday 11 October 2023