Expertise development - Training

Enhance the quality and success of rail training activities through professional dialogue, exchange of experience, evaluation of methods and technical equipment

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Achievements to be highlighted

  • Founding of regional networks of training centres in Europe, Asia, Middle East
  • UIC World Congress on Rail Training, Talent and Development
  • Hundreds of railway employees, students at rail universities and other stakeholders completed UIC training sessions either at UIC HQ, at regional level or online (RAM and ERTMS training modules).

General context of the business activity

Railway companies are facing challenges relating to personnel competencies and skills, prompting them to rethink their learning and development strategies. A flexible, well trained, motivated workforce is key for a competitive and innovative sector.

Reference to how the business is organised

Currently chaired by Miguel Faro Viana (Infraestruturas de Portugal), the core objectives of the UIC Talent & Expertise Development Platform are to:

  • promote excellence in training through an exchange and best practice model
  • identify new challenges and solutions for learning and development and training technologies
  • participate in talent attraction and retention initiatives
  • share knowledge and resources

An open meeting for members takes place twice a year to determine the platform’s activities, and is held at a different training facility on each occasion. The platform consists of a core group to provide strategic direction, as well as various working groups dealing with topical issues. For 2021-2023, these are:

  • the Railway Talent project and Train Rail Board (cooperation between industry and academia)
  • Train Rail hackathon
  • quality criteria for training programmes
  • ERTMS basic training project: a group working on the development of basic online ERTMS training
  • permanent observatory on HR trends
    The platform organises dedicated events, workshops and training sessions. A number of online modules have already been designed and are now available on the Talent website:
  • RAM (Railway Asset Management), designed in cooperation with Sapienza University and Oxand
  • ERTMS, developed in collaboration with members of the EU Network of Rail Training Centres

Strategic objectives

  • Organising events and training sessions
  • Participating in major industry and research events and encouraging participants and institutions to join the Railway Talent project
  • Seeking out new partnerships
  • Updating and enhancing the Talent digital platform
  • Extending activities to involve a broader spectrum of stakeholders

Staff development - Online courses

Besides its many workshops and training courses organised both at global and regional level, UIC has begun developing online courses. They can be accessed at:

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Tuesday 13 October 2020