International Railway Research Board (IRRB)

IRRB mission is to effectively meet the needs of railways in the field of research and innovation performance. IRRB research and innovation activities support the enhancement of railway transport at the global level, also contributing to the development and support of the scientific community by helping to find relevant and popular research topics.

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The purpose of IRRB is to keep up with remarkably fast technological development and innovation, and drive the railway sector into adopting state of the art technologies. Cooperation began with an exchange of views among members and discussions about regional development and assistance. At the same time, careful attention was paid to independent research, development activities and individual member intellectual property rights. Since then, the IRRB Board has become a platform for sharing output on important common transport related research and innovation themes. IRRB investigates into how best to harness the potential of such R&I for the benefit of UIC members worldwide, through closer cooperation, building knowledge bridges between continents and exploring opportunities for global scale research funding resources.

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