End of year message from UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux

The end of December is always a time when you look back on the various accomplishments of the year as it draws to a close. 2013 has been very busy for UIC with the development of our actions worldwide, with many projects, conferences, workshops and meetings; with our continuous efforts to develop the image of our railway sector; the confidence of our members; the friendship and team spirit between our members and our teams at UIC headquarters.

2013 has also been a very busy year with regard to our efforts to position UIC in the upcoming challenges of the future, in particular with close and active involvement in the Shift2Rail initiative, in the new Horizon 2020 for European rail development; also with the various United Nations bodies to place rail modes in a better recognised position – politically, socially and economically.

This guidance and our continued activities will be our objectives for 2014. We will greatly endeavour to work to serve our members for the benefit of the railway sector in a transparent and open manner that can inspire continued confidence and support from all our members and partners. May I thank them for this confidence and support so far; may I wish them and all of you a very happy holiday season and my most sincere personal wishes to continue working together for the benefit of all in 2014. May 2014 also bring you colourful and peaceful results in all your professional and personal actions and wishes.

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Official inauguration of RZD exhibition held at UIC HQ on 12 December 2013

At the closing of the 83rd UIC General Assembly on 12 December, a photo exhibition was inaugurated at UIC Paris headquarters by Vladimir Yakunin, President of JSC Russian Railways and UIC Chairman, and Director General of UIC Jean-Pierre Loubinoux in the presence of the Russian Photographer Anton Lange. The exhibition illustrates Russia today (“Russia through the Train Window”) and Russia 100 years ago.

This exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the company ‘JSC Russian Railways RZD’. Several photographs were given to UIC by RZD to be permanently exhibited at the Paris headquarters of the worldwide railway association.

We are pleased to share this video with you:


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Follow-up actions to the presentation delivered by UN representative Eva Molnar at UIC General Assembly

As a follow-up to the presentation delivered by the UN representative Mrs Eva Molnar at the latest UIC General Assembly held on 12 December, it is worth noting that a number of actions are immediately being undertaken by UIC.

One is to apply directly to ECOSOC to increase the consultative status of UIC vis-à-vis the UN. Another is to continue to actively work with the UNECE representative in order to prepare the various documents needed to include rail transport as part of the UN’s strategic development goals; and the third is to prepare UIC presentations during the ECOSOC meetings in early January in New York to promote rail as actively as possible and its position on sustainable development.

More information on this will be communicated shortly and all UIC members will be kept informed at CEO-level of the outcome of these various actions which are so beneficial for the railway sector worldwide.

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10th Regional Assembly for UIC Africa (Paris, 10 December 2013)

The 10th Regional Assembly for UIC Africa was held on 10 December in Paris in the presence of the region’s main networks, i.e. ONCF, represented by its Chief Executive Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Chairman of the UIC African Region; SNCFT, represented by Mr Moktar Essadok, representing the UIC office in Tunis, as well the networks of SETRAG (Gabon), SOPAFER-B (Burkina Faso), ISEP (Senegal) and Guinea-Conakry.

Following an opening speech by the Chairman of the region and the UIC Director General Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux who thanked the delegations for their attendance and participation, the coordinator of the UIC African Region Mr Jerzy Wisniewski and Mr Said Chandid, ONCF expert, took stock of the work conducted within the region in 2013 and presented an action plan for 2014 in line with the region’s budget.

2014 will commence with the conclusion of the 50th anniversary of Moroccan Railways by recalling its history and vision for the future. The pamphlet entitled “Revitalisation of railways in Africa: towards 2040” will be officially presented on this occasion.

A training session on the safety of railway systems will take place over a two-week period at the ONCF training centre in Rabat with the collaboration of UIC technical experts in spring 2014 and another training session on track maintenance will be held in the autumn. All members of the African Region are invited to take part.

A seminar on the interconnections and challenges of railway interoperability will be held in Algiers at the invitation of SNTF in September 2014.

Mr Chandid particularly highlighted the near completion of the study on “Revitalisation of railways in Africa: towards 2040” which will be presented during the 3rd Conference of African Ministers in charge of Transport, to be held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea in 2014.

Mr Birahim Fall, representing ISEP (Institut Supérieur d’Enseignement Professionnel de Thiès – Thies Higher Institute of Vocational Education – Senegal) also presented the institute to the members at the meeting by stressing the importance in establishing a training school such as this one in Africa. Based on labour market needs, the institute will run a two-year training programme for high-level technicians on the upkeep of railway rolling stock and management of railway lines.

For further information please contact Jerzy Wisniewski, Coordinator of the African Region: wisniewski@uic.org

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1st UIC Conference on Natural Disaster Management of Railway Systems, Taipei, 14 – 16 May 2014

The 1st UIC Conference on Natural Disaster Management of Railway Systems will be taking place in Taipei from 14 – 16 May 2014. This conference will provide attendees an in-depth understanding and discussion of issues concerning the management and possible countermeasures for various natural disasters on railway systems. The conference will provide a well-structured platform to facilitate information exchange and experience sharing for these challenging events.

In this event, practitioners and experts with a background in a variety of railway systems and professional/academic institutions from around the world will contribute as keynote speakers and plenary session presenters. Topics to be addressed in several plenary/technical sessions are disaster prevention/mitigation, disaster preparedness, and emergency responses for railway systems. These topics will be fully discussed during the two-day conference. A technical visit of on-site facilities will be arranged for the third day of the conference.

An important goal of this conference is to create an opportunity for current and prospective railway operators and their management teams to evaluate their approaches to address natural hazards and to define improvements to their effective management of such natural hazards. All the participants are encouraged to take advantage of this informative programme to advance their expertise on natural disaster management and to make the most of networking opportunities offered by this conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Taipei from 14 – 16 May 2014.

Information and programme are available here:


For further information please contact Béatrice Ségéral: segeral@uic.org

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The EU FP7 project AUTOMAIN is holding its national workshop at UIC Headquarters on 9 January 2014

Do not miss this important event!

SNCF, UNIFE, UIC and the AUTOMAIN Consortium are pleased to invite you to the AUTOMAIN National Workshop at UIC Headquarters, Paris on 9 January 2014.

AUTOMAIN is a FP7 funded project aimed at increasing railway capacity in order to make a modal shift from road to rail more attractive. The project has developed a set of innovations in the field of infrastructure inspection, maintenance and planning of maintenance.

The event will give you the opportunity to be informed about the most promising inspection and maintenance measures to optimise and automate in order to reduce the required possession time by as much as 40% and to hold discussions with AUTOMAIN experts.

Workshop highlights:

  • Overview of AUTOMAIN
  • Highlights of the main results
  • Focus on high-speed inspection
  • Focus on high-speed maintenance
  • Focus on planning & scheduling
  • Observations and discussion about Lean Analysis in a railway environment

To register and access useful information about the venue and the event please click on the following link


Do not hesitate to circulate this information around you!

All useful information on the project is also available via the official AUTOMAIN website http://www.automain.eu
For further information, please contact dekeyzer@uic.org

For further information, please contact Isabelle De Keyzer: dekeyzer@uic.org

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11th UIC ERTMS World Conference, 1 – 3 April 2014

Before the holiday season, UIC is pleased to remind you of the 11th UIC ERTMS World Conference.

This event, held under the high patronage of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, is one of the most important events of 2014, to be held in Istanbul, on the Golden Horn, European Side.
Delegates, Exhibitors, register now!

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