Monday 1 March 2021

Austria: Next-generation Nightjets hitting the rails

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  • ÖBB and Siemens Mobility present the external design for the next-generation Nightjets
  • New Nightjets to be deployed from 2022
  • ÖBB focusing on greater comfort and privacy for its passengers

ÖBB and Siemens Mobility have presented the first painted wagon body and external design for the next-generation Nightjet in Simmering, Vienna. The new state-of-the-art trains will run on the rails from the end of 2022. They will be rolled out as a first step on connections from Austria and Germany to Italy. ÖBB has already obtained the first 13 trains on the basis of a framework contract with Siemens Mobility, with a further 20 trains to follow.

Austrian Federal Minister for the Environment, Leonore Gewessler, said: “Europe needs more climate-compatible mobility to fight against the climate crisis. A strong network of night trains is an important part of this. That’s why we will be investing around 500 million euro in the future of night trains over the coming years. The investment will be used to acquire 20 more Nightjets, providing added value for Austria. That means not only more trains, but also more destinations and night train lines. The Nightjet is the best option for travel between European cities, and Austria remains a pioneer in the EU in this respect.

ÖBB CEO, Andreas Matthä, said: “Our decision in 2016 to enter into the night train business throughout Europe and to systematically develop the night train network was exactly the right one. We are now already the largest provider of night train services in Europe. Investment in new, modern rolling stock will ensure that we can continue to expand our pioneering role in the future. With our new, ultra-modern Nightjets, we will captivate our customers by offering greater comfort and privacy and putting a clear focus on passengers’ needs.

Siemens Mobility CEO, Michael Peter, said: “The new Nightjet offers high levels of passenger comfort, sustainability and flexibility, and will be a worldwide benchmark for years to come. Its innovative minisuites, which offer privacy for passengers, are a key element of the trains. The bogies have a special lightweight construction and ensure that the trains run particularly quietly and consume less energy over their life cycle. Our Nightjet will play a central role in connecting European cities in an environmentally friendly way and further increasing the appeal of rail travel.

The future Nightjet: barrier-free travel with greater comfort and privacy
The seven-car next-generation Nightjets comprise two seating carriages, three couchettes and two sleeping cars. Their design combines modernity with even greater comfort. The new couchette wagon concept features additional minisuites, offering greater privacy for solo travellers and ensuring a pleasant and relaxed arrival at their destination. Travel in sleeper cars is even more comfortable; in future, standard and deluxe compartments will feature private toilets and showers. The previous train compartments are also contained in the new design.

Free WLAN is a new onboard feature, previously limited to Railjets for long-distance travel and now available to passengers in the next-generation night trains. Those who wish to while away the time to arrival can surf the web and use streaming services free of charge on ÖBB Railnet and can avail of a free digital newspaper and magazine service.

The new Nightjets will make future barrier-free travel a reality, even overnight. Each Nightjet will have a multifunctional wagon with low-floor access and even a barrier-free couchette with a barrier-free bathroom.

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