Thursday 1 October 2020

Austria: ROLA price reductions on the Brenner axis

ROLA customers are benefitting from a reduction in the basic price as well as attractive round trip discounts. Making ROLA more attractive is another step towards shifting freight transport to rail.

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The Rail Cargo Group is reducing prices for the Rolling Road (ROLA) from 1 October 2020. The new price system allows for a reduction in the basic price for trucks weighing less than 40.5 tonnes (9 euro discount), with a further round trip discount (6 to 9 euro) for all trips on the Brenner axis. The new price system makes it possible to book a ROLA trip through Tyrol starting at 82 euro.

Cost savings on the Rolling Road
Regardless of the number of trips and connections booked, all ROLA customers benefit from the basic price reductions. Hauliers and forwarding agencies that regularly use ROLA connections on the Brenner axis will especially benefit from the round trip discounts: these will be granted from 8 round trips per calendar month and will apply from the very first round trip. So the more ROLA is used, the higher the discount will be.

Getting more trucks on the tracks
The new price system will provide for an extensive incentive scheme to shift more trucks on the Brenner axis to rail. Furthermore, it brings ROLA’s prices more on a par with road transport.

ROLA has much more to offer beyond its attractive prices:

  • Environmentally friendly: ROLA customers make an important contribution to protecting the environment by avoiding harmful emissions and noise pollution.
  • Cost savings: toll and fuel charges are avoided and additional investments for cranable equipment are not needed for loading and unloading ROLA.
  • High level of safety: the highest safety levels can be guaranteed all year long when trucks are on the rails instead of the road.
  • A rest while on the move: while the trucks ride the train, the drivers take a break in the accompanying carriage with onboard services.

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