Monday 14 December 2020

Belgium: Lineas France celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first train

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Lineas marked on 13 Decembre 2020 the 10th anniversary of its first train in France.

The journey kick-started the growth of the private rail freight operator in the country, which is now the 5th biggest player in the French network, offering rail freight services all over the territory and beyond.

On 13 December 2010, a historic moment took place for the private rail freight operator. Lineas France, back then known as OSR France, drove a first train under its own license from Aulnoye-Aymeries to Calais. The company, a subsidiary of the Lineas Group, has known a steady growth since.

I’m happy to celebrate a decade of Lineas France today,” remarked Tristan Ziegler, Country Manager France & South region at Lineas.We have evolved tremendously since that first train. Today we are able to offer rail freight services throughout the territory. Moreover, thanks to our Green Xpress Network, we offer our customers in France the opportunity to transport their goods to the rest of Europe by rail.

The story of Lineas France is proof that a private rail freight operator can break through in another European country and become profitable. A model that the Lineas Group has applied in recent years to Netherlands and Germany, as such growing into the largest private player in Europe.

Tristan sees a bright future for Lineas in France: “Our mission is to offer our customers innovative, rail-based transport solutions that convince them to shift their cargo from road to rail, thereby optimizing their supply chain and simultaneously reducing their impact on climate and mobility. Trains emit nine times less CO2 and 8 times less air pollution. Our aim is to transform rail into the backbone of the European transport system with a high level of quality and safety. We are looking forward to continue realizing this Modal Shift with our French customers and partners in the years to come.

Lineas France employs over 200 people and has its own fleet of 32 locomotives. It transports 4.6 million tons of goods over 2,500,000 per year.

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