Monday 19 October 2020

China: Strong railway transport capacity in China guarantees coal supply nationwide

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Since September, China’s railway sector has taken full advantage of the benefits of its railway network under centralised and unified command. By meticulously organising railway transportation, it has provided sufficient transport capacity for the country’s coal supply. From September 1 to 27, China’s railway system registered a coal car loading of 66,173 cars per day, an increase of 431 cars year on year.

Seizing the opportunity for winter coal storage in advance of the heat supply season, the railway sector coordinated with the major power generation companies to store coal in advance, and organised coal transportation on China’s three rail-water transport corridors (Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, Tangshan-Hohhot Railway, and Watang-Rizhao Railway) and north-south direct coal transport corridors (Baotou-Xi’an Railway, Nanjing-Xi’an Railway, South Datong-Puzhou Railway, Houma-Yueshan Railway and Haolebaoji-Ji’an Railway), thus ensuring a stable supply of coal throughout the country.

The 350 power plants in direct receipt of the railway system’s coal supply are now storing 53.51 million tonnes of coal, an increase of 3.54 million tonnes compared with storage levels at the end of August. The plants have enough coal storage for 30 days’ consumption, 7.1 days more than at the end of August.

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