Wednesday 27 September 2023

First UIC participation in the European Heritage Days

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In mid-September, UIC successfully took part in the European Heritage Days for the first time, opening its doors to the general public.

This operation, carried out in cooperation with the Groupe SNCF’s Archives Department, provided an opportunity to tell the story of the site and UIC’s missions, and to illustrate the various challenges to which the UIC responds every day on behalf of the world rail community.

These challenges include high speed, mobility, the climate challenge and innovation. These themes were highlighted at the launch of the European Heritage Days at UIC, with the kind participation and contributions of François Davenne, Christine Dejean, Marc Guigon, Philippe Lorand, Mikaël Lemarchand and Przemek Ben Paczek, as well as Simone Herault, the emblematic voice of SNCF for 40 years. All hosted by the brilliant Louise Ekland.

On this occasion a number of films were shown. Discover the history of the world rail speed record (coming soon in English): a historic moment to share!

Stay tuned for another film on European mobility in a few days’ time.

The exhibition catalogue is available in French and English here:

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