Monday 7 March 2022

Holding the first Middle East Management Committee (MEMC) on March 7, 2022

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TEHRAN UIC RAME: The Middle East Management Committee is the senior body responsible for coordinating UIC RAME work program at the strategic regional level, which considers the interests of all RAME members from a neutral position and it operates as a liaison between representatives of RAME members and other decision-making bodies of UIC. The committee also oversees the implementation within the RAME of UIC General Assembly decisions.

The responsibilities of the Middle East Management Committee include ensuring coordination between the various railway organizations in the Middle East, defining an appropriate approach for the railway construction industry in the Middle East, especially issues related to technical operations and their application, considering the positions and priorities of the Middle East to insert in a three-year work plan to be approved by the Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME), assessing the shortlist of priority projects, identifying exceptional matters that require urgent decision and/or actions during the period between two plenary meetings .

At the meeting of the Middle East Management Committee on March 7, 2022, useful information were presented as: “the new memberships in the last UIC General Assembly, defining the 2022 Action Plan, setting up new technical working groups, trainings of the Middle East Railway Training Center (MERTCe), holding the Rail Hackathon, participating in future UIC conferences in the Middle East and …”.

The Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) is chaired by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and the deputies are the Iranian Railways (RAI) and Saudi Railway Company (SAR).

The first Middle East Management Committee was virtually held with presence of high-ranking representatives of the railways of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, as well as the Middle East Regional Coordinator (UIC) and UIC expert team on March 7, 2022.

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