Tuesday 30 March 2021

Italy-Germany: New TransFER service between Verona and Hannover

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The Rail Cargo Group is launching its new TransFER Verona–Hannover service on 29 March. This new connection extends RCG’s range of intermodal services between Italy and Germany and makes an important contribution to relieving the Brenner Axis of traffic congestion.

The Rail Cargo Group is expanding its network and launching a new TransFER service on 29 March: its non-stop intermodal rail connection running between Verona and Hannover four times a week.

With this new TransFER service, RCG is providing efficient freight transport for continental supply chains between Northern Italy and the Hannover-Leinetor Rail Terminal, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to the Brenner.

Relieving the burden of transit traffic on the Brenner Axis

The TransFER Verona–Hannover offers direct, dependable links between the urban centres of Northern Italy and Northern Germany and makes it possible to shift transport to rail on the Brenner Axis, so the environment benefits too. This new intermodal rail link really helps relieve this region and its population of the burden of transit traffic and noise pollution.

The Rail Cargo Group is helping to protect the climate in a big way and is making headway in the race to counteract the vicious cycle of transit traffic on the Brenner route. This eco-friendly, high frequency transport service will help avoid up to 256 truck journeys a week and will help the environment immensely.


(Source: Rail Cargo Group)

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