Friday 24 May 2024

Launch of UIC Africa Safety Taskforce

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The UIC Africa Security Task force kick-off meeting was held online on 22 May 2024.

The session began with Mahiret Some, Director General of SOPAFER-B, being nominated as Chair, and Elie-Bersot Evina, Safety Expert at CAMRAIL, as Vice-Chair of the Africa Safety Taskforce.

The main topics addressed during the meeting by Frédéric Henon, Freight Director and Head of Operations & Safety, and Virginie Papillault, UIC Manager of Human and Organisational Factors and Safety Culture, included:

  • Discussions on safety management systems, organisational and human factors, technical aspects of the various components, and developing a railway safety culture.
  • A presentation on peer reviews, focusing on their benefits, the roles of stakeholders, and work in practice, as well as the 2025-2027 calendar organising peer reviews with the members of the Africa Region.
  • UIC Safety Training Modules that will be implemented this year:
    • A two-day Human & Organisational Factors (HOF) course
    • A two-day Safety Culture course
    • A one-day Safety Leadership course

For further information about the UIC Africa Safety Taskforce, please contact us here:

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Mahiret SOME, DG SOPAFER-B, Chair of Africa Safety Task Force
Elie-Bersot EVINA, Safety Expert of CAMRAIL, Vice-Chair of Africa Safety Task Force