Thursday 20 April 2023

New 2in1 pass in Hungary combines regional bus and rail travel

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New 2in1 pass in Hungary combines regional bus and rail travel

People who commute at least 10 kilometres between home and work or school will be able to save a lot of money on public transport in Hungary from May onwards. In addition to improving service quality and harmonising timetables, there will soon also be new fares to make domestic commuter, regional, and long-distance public transport on road and rail more attractive and competitive. The most important element of this is the introduction of a new reduced fare scheme for county and national season tickets, available from 1 May 2023, which will allow passengers to travel with a single ticket at a lower than ever price, while covering an entire county or even the whole country. This is a key step in creating a national fare community, as it is the first common season ticket scheme that can not only be used for unlimited travel on domestic commuter and regional transport but also on the long-distance services of any Hungarian national and regional public transport provider (MÁV-START, VOLÁNBUSZ, MÁV-HÉV and GYSEV).

The full-price of a 30-day County Pass will retail at around 25 EUR, while the Hungary Pass will cost around 50 EUR. Students will receive a 90% discount, meaning that a County Pass will cost 2.5 EUR, and that they will be able to travel anywhere in the country for 5 EUR with a Hungary Pass.

“This is the first clear benefit for passengers of the MÁV and Volánbusz integration. The former is responsible for rail transport, while the latter provides long-distance bus services. Together, we are able to offer more and better services," says Zoltán Pafféri, Chairman-CEO of the MÁV-Volán Group, in reference to the new products.

The easiest and quickest way to buy the season tickets is via the MÁV app with the new passes being launched on the platform. From the last weeks of April until the start of May, they will only be available through the app’s pre-sale promotion. The new 30-day-ticket scheme can be used for daily commutes as well as leisure travel, which is also expected to contribute to boosting tourism in Hungary. The development of the new fares will improve mobility in the countryside, while steering passengers and car drivers towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly public transport.

(Source: MÁV)

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