Wednesday 27 January 2021

Norway: Honourable mention for Holmestrand station

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There was a lot of praise for Holmestrand station from DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway) at the Innovation Prize for Universal Design awards ceremony.

“In addition to building a fantastic train station with particularly good lighting, they have managed to use the opportunity at this station to create a better city, simply put”, said Torstein Bergheim Aa, Industrial Designer and Head of the Transport category on the DOGA jury.

The Innovation Award for Universal Design is bestowed by DOGA, with Bane NOR Holmestrand station and the architects, Gottlieb Palludan, receiving an honourable mention in the Transport category. Nye Flytoget was the winner of the award.
The jury was particularly impressed with how the mountain lift at Holmestrand connects the upper and lower parts of the city and provides better mobility in the cityscape. The mountain lift encourages less use of cars, which in turn is a good environmental measure.

“They have been good at working with light and sound-absorbing acoustics and material to create the best possible experience inside the station”, said Aas.
He also praised the work with the lighting, especially on the outside, noting that the lighting makes orientation easier in the evenings.

Creating value for everyone in the local community

“Holmestrand station is the perfect example of how to use opportunities beyond the original use by creating value in the local community for everyone”, Aas concluded.
“The project worked consciously to facilitate that the station should be for all users, with special focus on the long accesses from the city to invite rather than deter. The design should facilitate and substantiate that the railway is a democratic means of transport for all”, says Morten Klokkersveen, who was Project Manager at the beginning of construction of this section.

“Universal design was a central and integrated theme in the planning. We benefitted from the fact that Bane NOR had its own expert in the field. We also engaged a company that had specialised in UU for review and quality checking of plans, and we had participation meetings with relevant interest organisations”, says Elsebeth Anicken Bakke, who participated in the planning of the project.

The Innovation Award for Universal Design is a means of recognition for companies, designers and architects who, in a holistic and innovative way, have developed products, services, digital solutions, buildings and environments that break down barriers through unique customer experiences that contribute to a more inclusive society. Source:

Facts about Holm - Nykirke
Holm-Nykirke opened to traffic on 28 November 2016. The plot consists of 14.3 kilometres of double-track railway, dimensioned for speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour. 12.3 km of the stretch is in a tunnel, and Holmestrand station is located inside a spectacular mountain hall.

  • Length: 14.3 km double track
  • 12.3 km in tunnel
  • Dimensioned for 250 km/h
  • Two entrances to the station (three including the lift)
  • 13 escape tunnels, including the station entrances
  • Double-track tunnel
  • New station inside Holmestrandfjellet
  • The mountain hall is 870 metres long
  • The station hall is 30 metres wide
  • Around 12 metres from the top of the rails to the inner roof
  • Mountain lift at 70 metres
  • The platforms are 250 metres long
  • 26 level crossings were closed
  • New public transport terminal
  • Reduced travel time by five minutes
  • Construction began in the summer of 2010
  • Opened to traffic on 28 November 2016

(Source: Bane NOR)

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Holmestrand station © Anne Mette Storvik