Monday 17 May 2021

Obituary: Grzegorz Wojda, long-standing specialist in rail freight regulations and shipment securing methods for freight wagons

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Grzegorz Wojda (67), emeritus expert at PKP and PKP CARGO S.A., most recently in the Wagon Management Department, passed away in Warsaw on 5 May.

Grzegorz was born in Warsaw, and graduated in 1979 from the Faculty of Transport at Warsaw University of Technology. He began working for the railways that very same year, initially at the Information Technology Centre. In 1981 he moved to the Technical Department of the Directorate of Transport and Railway Operations in the General Directorate of the Polish State Railways (PKP). From then until his retirement in July 2020 he was continuously involved in cargo securing on freight wagons, loading examples and – above all – drawing up and updating national and international regulations in this field. He also took part in work involving rolling stock gauges and classification of railway lines.

Grzegorz was actively involved in UIC and OSJD for 40 years. At UIC, he was a member of the 45 RIV Group and, more recently, the Loading Guidelines Group within the UIC Freight Forum. He always endeavoured to translate changes in international freight regulations promptly and incorporate them into the relevant Polish regulations.

Grzegorz was a highly valued partner for PKP and PKP CARGO S.A. clients grappling with the difficult problems of ensuring the safety of shipped consignments, especially when untypical, oversized or exceptionally heavy. He actively participated in establishing the application of correct loading methods for military equipment during the withdrawal of the Soviet Army from Germany and Poland, as well as subsequent transport of NATO troops in or through Poland.

Grzegorz enjoyed reading books, was interested in technical innovation and was passionate about the railways. Above all, he valued and cared for his family.

Grzegorz, we will remember you as an extremely kind and cordial friend and colleague, always ready to offer help and advice. You will remain in our memory ever cheerful and smiling. We will miss you.

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