Tuesday 9 July 2024

Plenary Session of the Intercity & High-Speed Committee held at UIC Headquarters

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The plenary session of the Intercity & High-Speed Committee (ICHSC), chaired by Huo Baoshi of China Railway (CR), took place at the UIC headquarters in Paris in the week of 17 June 2024. During this important event, several key discussions took place and announcements regarding high-speed rail innovation were made.

On the first day, talks centred on the high-speed International Railway Solutions (IRSs), presided over by Eduardo Romo, from FCH, and Baoshi, with the publication of IRS 60660: “Measures to Ensure the Technical Compatibility of High-Speed Trains,” and IRS 60683: “Design of a High-Speed Railway – Interfaces.” Members were also invited to review the status of IRS 70734: “Adaptation of Safety Installations to High-Speed Requirements.”

The second day featured the plenary session of the Alliance of Universities for High-Speed Rail (AUHSR), chaired by Paul Plummer, from the University of Birmingham. The discussions centred around creating a roadmap for sharing knowledge about research and innovation between academics and railway stakeholders, fostering collaboration for UIC research projects and promoting skill building through international partnerships. The session also emphasised the combined effect of having international skills to enhance global high-speed rail initiatives.

On the final day, the ICHSC plenary session was held, introduced by Baoshi, Bertrand Minary, UIC Passenger Director, and Michele Gesualdi, UIC High-Speed Rail Advisor. This sitting focused on HSR research and development, including analysis of the high-speed rail projects founded by the members, including Air & High-Speed Rail Intermodality, the Optimum Speed for High-Speed Rail, the Impact of Liberalisation on the High-Speed Rail Market and Equity, and two new projects close to their launch, which aim to compare the high-speed systems and the main financial models for infrastructure. Additionally, the development of the High-Speed Atlas and the Night Train Atlas was highlighted.

The range of topics dealt with, and the ongoing projects treated, therefore highlighted the collective effort being made to advance high-speed rail technology and infrastructure on a global scale.

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