Thursday 22 October 2020

Sweden: Two bridges to make maintenance easier and increase capacity

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The railway bridge for the Southern Main Line over the E4 between Åby and Norrköping (Sweden) is old and worn and is therefore being replaced with with two new bridges. The road under the bridge will remain open.

Two bridges to make maintenance easier and increase capacity

The existing railway bridge that today crosses the E4, located between Åby and Norrköping, is an important means of safe, smooth and green transport of people and goods on the Southern Main Line. The Southern Main Line, on which the old bridge is located, is part of the core railway network in Sweden. The current railway bridge has reached its technical service life and needs to be replaced to increase robustness and reliability on this heavily-trafficked railway line.

Two railway bridges are thus being put in place in order to increas equality for the train companies using the facility. Only one bridge will need to close for maintenance or troubleshooting, and passenger and freight traffic on the Southern Main Line can continue to run on a track rather than having to suspend traffic completely, as is the case today.

Swedish Transport Administration: safety first at all times

The E4 will be open to traffic when the two new railway bridges are connected in week 44; however, speed and passability adjustments will be in place for a period of time. The speed in the works area has been reduced from 110 to 70 km/h over a distance of 300 metres. The current railway bridge is to be demolished in week 46, and journeys may take longer than usual. With safety in mind, the Swedish Transport Administration encourages those using the roads in the area during this period to plan their trip and set out well in advance, respecting the speed limit in the area and following the instructions on site.

The new Kardonbanan freight railway will be connected along with the new bridges, affecting train traffic through Norrköping

To connect in the new bridges over the E4 with the Southern Main Line, as well as the new Kardonbanan freight railway, train traffic will be suspended temporarily between Katrineholm and Norrköping during week 44, from Tuesday 27 October at 05.00 to Sunday 1 November at 05.00. The Nyköping line (single-track railway running between Åby and Järna via Nyköping) will also be closed during the same period. From Sunday 1 November at 05.00 to Thursday 5 November at 05.00, a track will be open for traffic on the Southern Main Line, and the line towards Nyköping will then also be opened.

Railway upgrades affects the everyday lives of those who travel by train. The Swedish Transport Administration’s goal is to minimise disruption and keep it as short as possible. The train companies will provide information on replacement traffic during the shutdown. Train traffic will run as usual from Thursday at 05.00.

(Source: Trafikverket)

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