Thursday 9 June 2022

UIC welcomes Germany’s initiative to promote the €9 unlimited ticket.

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UIC welcomes Germany’s unprecedented initiative to promote the €9 unlimited ticket from 1 June that can be used on all local and regional public networks in Germany in June, July and August. This exceptional measure aims to encourage citizens and tourists to massively favour public transport over the car.

It is also a sign that bold initiatives are needed to concretely fight against climate change and dependence on hydrocarbons in general. A massive modal shift will only be achieved if the whole sector – railways and public transport – is able to build a convincing paradigm change supported by coherent chains of actions relayed and supported by the public authorities.

Deutsche Bahn explains: “The €9 ticket is a unique opportunity for public transport and climate protection in Germany. At the same time, it is a big experiment. We are prepared and will get everything going what we have – trains, buses and our service staff. Everyone will benefit: long-standing customers as well as passengers returning after a Covid-19 break or customers ready to discover the attractiveness of trains and buses for the first time. This is only possible thanks to our dedicated staff.

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