Tuesday 24 February 2009
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SET 08 and working group “TRAINBUS”

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The meeting of UIC Sector Expert Team (SET) 08, “Data Communication, Software / Diagnostics”, was held on 2009-02-11 under the chairmanship of Mr Steffen Jank (DB AG). Regarding the meetings of the PTR bodies in September and November 2008, Mr Jank informed the members about the regulation and budget situation also about the approval progress in the PTR-Organisation.

The meeting of the working group “TRAINBUS” take placed after the SET 08 meeting. So the requirements of SET 08 could be discussed in the working group in time.

The scope of the working group TRAINBUS, chaired by Mr. Heiko Gau (DB AG), is to hold the train bus standard on an actual level to provide interoperability in train on high performance. With there continuous works the group create solutions with are preconditions for new business or service models in modern trains in whole Europe and also outside of Europe. The work based on the UIC-leaflet 556.

Since end of the 1980-th the UIC members agreed the need of a standardized data communication. On this reason the railway operators developed together with the railway manufactures an open standard with is now defined in the UIC Leaflet 556 together with the base standard IEC 61375 (TCN) and various application like UIC Leaflets 647, 557 and more.

But at all there is a continue way new requirements on data communication in trains to solve requirement for new business/services or to address new technical developments.
During the meeting reported about amongst other things like conformity, telegrams, inauguration in view of the 5th edition and futures editions of the UIC Leaflet 556:

- Analysis of the train bus nodes in terms of compliance with TCN criteria and requirements of UIC Leaflet 556
- Approval of train bus nodes (Annex I)
- Modification of UIC Leaflet 556, Annex H
- Modification of UIC Leaflet 556, Annexes A and B
- Modification of UIC Leaflet 556, Annexes C and E
- Issues relating to the Mapping Server
- Modification of UIC Leaflet 556, Annexes D and F
- Issues relating to TCN standardisation

Other important points discussed of the future working program with followings themes:
- 5th and the followings editions of UIC Leaflet 556
- new homologation procedure, new approved train bus nodes, new functions for EMU/DMU, new function data protection layer
- EMU/DMU concept for extend the UIC Leaflet 556, provide functions for “friendly trainsets”
- certification of the test lab(s)
- Homologation of new train bus nodes: 2 nodes from ELIN, 1 node from Bombardier,
- Homologation of new train bus nodes
- Concept for telegram data base: provide a concept for data base where all data telegrams
- relevant information of the leaflet UIC Leaflet 556 are stored
- line fault detection (diagnostic)
- data protection layer: concept and solution to provide a data protection layer for safety relevant functions
- implementation for telegram data base: provide a data base where all data telegramm relevant informations of the leaflet UIC Leaflet 556 are stored
- transfer of part of the UIC Leaflet 556 to IEC-Standard
- New function: concept and solution for new additional needed functions

Dates of the next meetings placed by UIC in Paris:
- SET 08 date: 29 September 2009
- TRAINBUS date: 29 and 30 September 2009

For more information please contact Isabelle Fonverne: fonverne@uic.asso.fr, Steffen Jan: jank@uic.asso.fr, Heiko Gau: heiko.gau@bahn.de and H.-Jürgen Geissler: geissler@uic.asso.fr

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