Tuesday 19 May 2009
Regional Cooperation / Middle-East

5th meeting of UIC Regional Assembly Middle-East (RAME) in Aleppo, Syria, on 31st May

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The 5th meeting of the UIC Regional Assembly Middle East (RAME) will be held on 31st May in Aleppo, Syria, at the kind invitation of Mr. Georges Mokabari, Director General of Syrian Railways (CFS); This UIC Regional Assembly is chaired by Mr. Süleyman Karaman, President and CEO of Turkish Railways (TCDD), and the Vice Chairman is Dr. Hassan Ziari, Vice Minister of Road and Transportation, President of the Railways of the Islamic Repbublic of Iran (RAI).

This meeting will provide an opportunity to review the progresses made in implementing the RAME Action plan for railway cooperation activities in the Middle-East region. Part of the meeting will be organised as a workshop under the theme “Towards non bottlenecked rail network in the Middle-east”. Il will provide an opportunity for railways, operators and authorities to present the current rail transport projects in the Middle-East region.

For more information please contact Paul Véron, UIC Coordinator for the Middle-East Région: veron@uic.org

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