Tuesday 19 May 2009

Prequalification Group

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The GSM-R Change Request Process (CR) is scaled over different phases. The first step is the evaluation of the so called Implementation Report (IR), in which every editorial error, implementation issue, malfunction or gap in the specification, all related to the EIRENE specifications, - is reported.

The Prequalification Group, under the UIC responsibility, is composed of persons nominated by the sector organisations CER and EIM, ERA and the UIC groups’ chairmen.

The group is responsible for the decision on the IR on whether it should be sent to the CR process. This decision takes into account the need for a new feature, and what this new feature implies, as well as the financial implications and the migration plan.

The group, which has been functioning since the beginning of 2009, is one of the key elements in the new GSM-R CR Process, agreed by the ERA CG. The procedures were established in the kick off meeting, in January 2009, and they are tuned up as the process follows, taking into account the variety of the issues.

In the meeting held on 28 April 2009, 4 implementation reports were discussed:

• Border Crossing – network selection procedure for track-to-train,
• Call Priority of Cab Radio Originated Operational Calls,
• Use of CT 6 for Maintenance Team,
• Future EIRENE Features based on IP Core Network Functionalities;
one being accepted, one being on hold, waiting for more information, and two being rejected.

The next step in the Process is the GSM-R Functional Group, which held on 29th April its 35th meeting. The Functional Group is responsible for maintaining and updating the EIRENE Functional Requirements Speciation. It is composed on several railway experts with operational experience.
The statutory meetings of the WG’s are organised on a systematic cycle-model:

When an IR can be processed, a correspondent CR is launched. This CR should include a solution to the IR, which should be found, if possible within 9 months. Then, the CR is handed over through the sector organizations, CER and EIM in the ERA CR process.

The agenda for the Functional Group meeting was as follows: 11 CRs, the Austrian experience on the Train Drivers GSM-R Training, and a draft state-of-the-art on the GSM-R Disaster Management.

For more information please contact Dan Mandoc, UIC Senior Advisor: mandoc@uic.org

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