Tuesday 19 May 2009
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SIAFI Europe 2009 (International Rail Activities Information Session)

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The 2009 SIAFI Europe first session which took place in UIC headquarters, Paris from 20 -24 April was attended by 24 young managers from 13 countries and representing around 15 different railway companies, covering virtually all sectors of railway activities.
The varied backgrounds and competences of the audience (European Affairs managers, international business managers, Director of communications, transportation analyst, business developer, Head of legal affairs, project leaders, marketing advisors, engineers, sales manager..) together with the experience of participants favoured rich and fruitful exchanges, debates and discussion.

The first day of SIAFI brought together the main European railway stakeholders and partners – UIC, CER, EIM, UNIFE and ERA– in a round table discussion about their respective remits and visions of their activities. On the same day participants became acquainted with the latest developments in EU railway transport policy as well as in international rail transport law.

Over the rest of the week attendees had the opportunity to gain a good insight into the trends and outlook for the European rail network, the lines of action for European freight activities, as well as the main cooperative technical and research ventures at UIC.

Other railway activities (Passenger traffic, sustainable development, corporate communication, international corridors, High Speed..) will be covered during the second SIAFI session in the Autumn (28.09-02.10.2009.)

The networking activity and cross-cultural learning experience provided by the team work carried out throughout the session concluded with a formal session on the management of international projects and the intercultural dimension.
The projects which were finally selected by the participants are very topical subjects for the railways:
-  Passenger Market Liberalization and the Resulting Business Strategies;
-  Managing Passenger traffic/Rail Freight in the Face of the Crisis
-  Climate change: an opportunity for the railways
-  Corporate & marketing communications on social objectives for the railways.

The teams will continue working between the two sessions and the results will be delivered at the second SIAFI session in the Autumn (28 September-02 October 2009)

SIAFI Europe is an annual event

For more information please contact Nathalie Amirault, Senior Advisor International Training: amirault@uic.org

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The active networking of the SIAFI first week session fostered a truly European learning experience for the 24 Managers from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Korea (UIC)
“Impact of the crisis on railway activities” project group team
“Passenger Market Liberalization“ project group team
“Climate change” project group team
“Corporate marketing communication" project group team