Tuesday 19 May 2009
Proximity with UIC Members

Chinese delegation visits UIC

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Chinese Railways (CR), an active member of UIC, sent a railway standardization delegation to visit UIC on April 16, 2009. The delegation was composed of 11 experts and government officials from Chinese Railway Standardized and Measurement Research Institute, Chinese Railway Science and Technology Department and other standardization organs. This delegation was headed by Mr. Qi YANG, Deputy Director of Standardized Measurement Research Institute, and Mr.Jinning LU, Division chief of the Science and Technology Department of Chinese Railways.

Mr Gabriele Maffei, Director of UIC Technology and Research Department, introduced the general situation and the mission of UIC to the delegation. He also made a presentation on the evolution of the UIC leaflets and its link with EU, TSI, IRIS and other European standards. Finally a brief introduction of the UIC standards making process was given to the visitors. Chinese and UIC experts had a warm discussion and idea exchange during the meeting.

UIC General Director Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation between its member, Chinese Railways, and UIC.

Chinese Railway Standardization Delegation and the UIC were very satisfied with this exchange. The Chinese experts believed that it would be helpful for the Chinese Railways’ development and its the worldwide cooperation. They hope that UIC experts could come to China to carry out technical exchanges and develop cooperation at a proper time.

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