Tuesday 26 May 2009

UIC Infrastructure Forum (Paris, 20 May)

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The spring meeting of the UIC Infrastructure Forum took place on 20th May 2009 at the UIC Headquarters in Paris.
The morning session of the Forum was chaired by the chairman of the Forum, Mr Andrew Mc Naughton, Network Rail, and the afternoon session was chaired by the vice-chairperson, Mrs Dagmar Haase, DB Netz.

60 participants from 23 member networks in Europe, with the participation of East Japan Railways and Tunisian Railways as well as representatives from other Forums and Platforms (Railway Undertakings, Combined Transports, Platform Technical and Research) attended the meeting and heard reports on activities in 2009 and new project proposals for 2010.

The occasion also afforded the new UIC Director General, Mr Jean- Pierre Loubinoux, the opportunity to outline his plans and aspirations for the future development of the UIC to the Forum.

Amongst other, the project proposals for 2010 included topics which will be carried out in co-operation with other UIC working bodies such as the PTR (Platform Technical and Research ), for the new COsTrIM project (Contact Strip/Wire Interaction of Materials), as well as Railway Undertakings (ERTMS Platform Programme) and the Environment Platform (ARISC project - Adapting Rail Infrastructure to Climate Changes).

The Forum reviewed its future involvement in the Operations and Safety sectors as well as hearing a detailed report on the working of the Technology Sector working Groups, Asset Management and Market areas. It also received a comprehensive report on the ERTMS Programme developed by the ERTMS Platform.

The Meeting approved two UIC Leaflets relating to bridges and reviewed a leaflet relating to safe working in proximity to the Overhead Contact system.

Preliminary indications of support for the 2010 budget proposals were received. The actual budget for 2010 will be decided in December 2009.

News on important political issues in the EU was given by the General Secretary of EIM, Michael Robson, supported by Ms Anne-Laure Le Merre from CER.

The Forum will next meet on 21st October 2009 at the UIC in Paris, when it will receive further Project Reports for 2009 and any updated Project proposals for 2010, taking into account the indicative support received for the entire programme of work in the intervening period.

For more information please contact Gerard Dalton, UIC Director of Infrastructure Department: dalton@uic.org

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