Friday 10 July 2009
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International Heavy Haul Conference (Shangai, 22-24 June)

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The 9th International Heavy Haul Conference (IHHA) took place in Shangai from 22 to 24 June. UIC participated to the conference.

The subjects presented were electrical systems, vehicle dynamic performance, wagon bogie design & performance, wagon design, track maintenance & inspection, heavy haul turnouts, bridge performance, heavy haul locomotives, detector based rolling stock maintenance, wheel & rail interface management, improved wheel materials, improved wheel design & performance, axles & bearings, energy efficiency, train control & signallings, heavy haul track performance, analysis of track components, rail performance, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, economic development, safety & derailment prevention, climate effects.

Knowing that the maximum axle load in service is today of 40 t/axle, it is evident that the HAL allows important freight traffic. The sharing of experiences and studies by the HAL participants accounts for of one of the most interesting Railways conference in the world.

Another significant aspect is the number and quality of contacts between experts allowing an improvement of the heavy haul traffic around the world.

M. Michael Roney, from Canadian Pacific, is appointed as Chairman of IHHA until 2010.

The next IHHA meeting will be held in Calgary (Canada) from 19th to 22nd of June 2011.

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