Tuesday 15 September 2009
European Region

Meeting of CEOs (Berlin, 05 September 2009)

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The meetings of CER, EIM, and UIC’s European Management Committee were held in Berlin as part of the annual meeting between the directors of the major European railways.

On Saturday 05 September, presentations and discussions took place on a wide variety of subjects, including the introduction of a new experimental train project aimed at live testing of LL brake blocks by 2010, the stance to be taken by railways vis-à-vis European environmental policies on energy, and the rules governing the opening up to competition. Following animated discussions, the participants (infrastructure managers and the three organisations, UIC, CER and EIM) signed common resolutions on the various topics addressed.

These discussions were highly constructive and to conclude the meeting, the Chairman Mr Grübe thanked all participants as well as the three organisations, UIC, CER and EIM, for their collaboration and active participation.

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