Thursday 8 October 2009
UIC Leaflets

What’s new at UIC / ETF in Autumn 2009 ?

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New UIC Leaflets have been published during the summer 2009.
Amongst these UIC (ETF) is pleased to announce the publication in English of:

- UIC Leaflet 450-2 (5th edition): Assessment of the performance of the network related to
rail traffic operation for the purpose of quality analyses -
delay coding and delay cause attribution process

- UIC Leaflet 541-00 (1st edition): Issuing of the UIC seal of approval/UIC label for vehicle

- UIC Leaflet 612-0 (1st edition): Driver Machines Intefaces for EMU/DMU, Locomotives and
driving coaches - Functional and system requirements
associated with harmonised Driver Machine Interfaces

- UIC Leaflet 776-2 (2nd edition): Design requirements for rail-bridges based on interaction
phenomena between train, track and bridge

- UIC Leaflet 791-2 (1st edition): Diagnosis of the OCL conditions

- UIC Leaflet 917-5 (3rd edition): Description of the HERMES system

Please note that the list of all UIC Leaflets and Technical & Research Reports is available on the UIC website:

For all further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact ETF at:

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