Friday 16 October 2009
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UIC participated to the 15th UN / CEFACT fall forum in Sapporo, Japan

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In the framework of its representation task in international standard bodies, the UIC participated to the 15th UN / CEFACT fall forum in Sapporo.

The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) is an inter-governmental body with a global remit. It has as its objective the development and promotion of simple, transparent and effective processes for global commerce by deploying the latest in ICT (Information and communication technologies).

UN/CEFACT principal focus is to facilitate national and international transactions, through the simplification and harmonization of processes, procedures and information flows by effective implementation of the technical standards developed by UN/CEFACT.

The UN/CEFACT structure is divided into 7 CEFACT Groups: the TBG (International Trade and Business Processes Group), the ATG (the Applied Technologies Group), the TMG ( (Techniques and Methodologies Group) and the LG (Legal Group), CSG (CEFACT Steering Group)
In order to stay current on standardisation developments in the transport or passenger domains, UIC is involved in the UN CEFACT working groups.for Passenger and Freight applications. Regular updates have to be appled to UIC passenger activities (such as MERITS) and freight applications using UN messages and data elements. UN / CEFACT and CEN (Brussels) are the entry points for such actions.

The two work groups (TBGs) where UIC is active are:

TBG3 (transport) , has the primary mission to identify EDIFACT standard message requirements for the transfer of transport data and to develop and maintain United Nations Standard Messages for transport and logistics purposes for example: IFTM series –International Forwarding and Transport Messages-,IFCSUM –International Forwarding Consolidation Summary -,–Containers Movements Messages- and relevant Codes lists including UN Recommendations commonly used in international transport such as REC 23 Freight Cost Code, REC 24 Trade and Transport Status Codes.

The Group consists of representatives from all modes of transport, shippers and different parties and activities involved in the transport chain over the world.

TBG9 (travel, tourism and leisure) is responsible for the development and maintenance of UN/EDIFACT messages and XML development that involve business activities specific to the travel industry. This includes the development of interactive messages such as the Availability Request Timetable or Schedule update (SKDUPD) and Timetable static data update (TSDUPD) used in the MERITS application.
The Group consists of representatives of travel agencies, carriers and customer service organisations involved in tourism and travel, on a global level.

To know more about the UN/CEFACT, you can consult this web site:

For more information please contact Fabrice Setta, from the UIC Ebusiness team:

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