Wednesday 20 January 2010
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Switzerland : Check-in in stations for passengers of the « Air Berlin Group »

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In Switzerland air passengers can register their luggage and proceed to the check-in in over 50 SBB railway stations, for more than one hundred airlines. Since 1st December airlines of the “Air Berlin Group” (Air Berlin, Belair and Fly Niki) participate to this offer. Passengers can register their luggage at the railway station the day before the flight and also receive their boarding pass.

Check-in at the station costs 20 Swiss francs per piece of luggage with boarding pass included. Without luggage the cost is 10 Swiss francs. This service is also available for the return flight. Luggage will travel directly from any airport in the world to a selected railway station in Switzerland. This Fly-Rail-Baggage service works independently from the airline choosen by the traveller. The cost for Fly-Rail-Baggage is also 20 francs per piece of luggage.

In 2008, 120 000 pieces of baggage have been registered in SBB stations for flights starting from Zurich or Geneva airports (source: SBB).

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