Wednesday 3 February 2010
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EUDDplus Final Conference (Paris, 27 January)

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The EUDDplus project is ending and the final conference revealed the actual results of the project, mainly concerning those achieved from the tests carried out at Wildenrath test ring (Siemens test centre near Monchengladbach).

17 European drivers tested the PRIMA II locomotive equipped with a driver’s desk incorporating the latest developments in cab standardisation, such as UIC Leaflet 612. The test results were presented during the conference and were of significant interest to the audience.

The ergonomics of the new driver’s desk were presented with interesting comments from the drivers and ergonomists.
The presentation of the results from the tests with an “eye tracking” camera was very important to show the movement of the driver’s eyes when seeking a solution in the event of a problem.

The working groups on cab standardisation will incorporate the results of this study in the necessary revisions to current drafts (on work) of documents defining cab standards. This EUDDplus deliverable now presents a new important step in the process of cab standardisation work.
The Working Group WG 37 in CEN/TC 256 is preparing the prEN on cabs.

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