Thursday 4 March 2010
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Switzerland / Sustainable Mobility: “” optimises the environmental impact of company travel

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The website alerts companies to the amount of traffic their business generates and provides concrete examples of solutions to achieve sustainable mobility. The Internet platform developed by SBB, Swisscom, BKW FMB SA and öbu was launched earlier this week.

Transport emissions pose a threat to Switzerland’s climate change targets:

between 55 and 60 per cent of fuel consumption generating polluting emissions is either directly or indirectly linked to decisions made by companies. Approximately one fifth of transport emissions are caused by rail freight.

In spite of this, several companies take no account of, for example, employees’ journeys between their home and the work place or customers’ trips to company premises when they calculate their corporate carbon footprint. This is where the Internet platform “” steps in, explaining to companies the enormous potential for improving their carbon footprints in terms of their use of transport. “” helps users to assess from an environmental standpoint the mobility and transport procedures within the company and the subsequent emissions produced in Switzerland.

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