Tuesday 20 April 2010
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Joint working group UIC / OSJD “Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems” (AGCS)

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Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux and OSJD Chairman Tadeusz Szozda on 23 March 2010 in Warsaw, a joint UIC/OSJD working group “Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems” (AGCS) project was created at the meet-ing hosted by OSJD and RZD, held from 6 to 9 April 2010 in Yaroslavl.

UIC concluded the feasibility study for “Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems” with the revised Version 3.41 in 2008. As this study concerned traffic running across the system interfaces of both UIC and OSJD railways, it was considered advantageous for both organisations to work together, in particular for the purpose of simplifying the technical and legal approval procedures as well as commercial aspects. In the UIC feasibility study “Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems, Version 03.4” it was proposed, among others, that OSJD contribute to the project. In October 2009 the creation of a UIC/OSJD joint working group was also incorporated by the OSJD Committee into its 2010 programme of work.

On this basis, the UIC Project Leader, Hans-Jürgen Geissler (RSF Department), attended the meeting of the Fifth OSJD Commission on “Railway vehicles - technical requirements for components”, chaired by A. G. Tvetcov (OSJD). At the invitation of OSJD and RZD the meeting took place from 6 to 9 April 2010 in Yaroslavl, Russia. During this meeting various OSJD leaflets were discussed and participants were informed by the Chairman and the UIC representative of the creation of a UIC/OSJD joint working group for the study of automatic gauge changeover systems.

Furthermore, the railways that would contribute on behalf of OSJD to the UIC/OSJD joint working group on the “Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems” project were announced. The railways LG, PKP, RZD and UZ were nominated by OSJD, with RZD to assume the role of coordinator for the OSJD railways. Thus the joint working group will for now be composed of the UIC members, ADIF, DB AG, DB Schenker and LitRail, and the OSJD members listed above. The definitive agreement of the UIC railways PKP and VR Cargo is still pending.
An initial joint meeting is planned for July 2010 in Paris, to agree on a detailed programme of work, to update the schedule and to organise the tasks to be carried out.
The meeting in Yaroslavl also included tours of the production and research facilities of the Russian company “FRITEX”, and the RZD freight wagon depot, “Mosky Wagon depot” in Yaroslavl (RU).

For more information please contact: geissler@uic.org

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