Tuesday 18 May 2010
High Speed Rail

Lecture at Southwest Jiatong University, Chengdu

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During his visit to China for the workshop on high speed standards, Director of the UIC Passenger and High Speed Department Iñaki Barrón took the opportunity to visit Southwest Jiatong (technical) University (SWJTU) in Chengdu, where he gave two lectures on the main principles of high speed and its development around the world.

The first conference was given on 12 May on SWJTU’s “old campus” and was attended by around 100 master’s-level students as well as a large number of teaching staff.

The second presentation was given at the library on the new campus, located outside the city, and was attended by around 200 engineering students and several teachers.

Further meetings with the heads of the university, notably Mr. ZHAO Duo, Dean, and Mrs. FENG Xiaoyun, Principal Assistant Professor, reflected a willingness on the part of the university to develop future activities, in particular with regard to SWJTU’s participation in the World Congress on High Speed to be held in Beijing in December, in collaboration with the Ministry of Railways (MOR).

Among the future common activities to be developed, a “Training Session on High Speed Systems” has been planned for 2011.
TANG Haichuan, a student at this university and a former intern at UIC Headquarters, was responsible for organising these events.

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