Wednesday 19 May 2010
International Cooperation

UIC attends Council for Rail Transport of CIS Member States in Latvia

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The 52nd plenary meeting of the CIS Council for Rail Transport took place in Yurmala (Latvia) on 13-14 May in presence of several Managing Directors and high-level representatives of railway administrations in the Community of Independent States (CIS) and Baltic States, Bulgaria and Finland. Vladimir Yakunin, the President of Russian Railways, addressed the meeting on its opening day and reported on the status of the rail network in the CIS and Baltic States. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, represented UIC at the invitation of President Yakunin. All railways participating in the CIS region cover a very broad and significant rail traffic. Some are already UIC Members, some are considering to join as this may provide significant technical support to them. The contacts during this meeting have been very cordial and constructive on many subjects.

The Council unites 17 railway administrations of the CIS and Baltic States, as well as Georgia, Bulgaria and Finland. It aims to secure cooperation of railways on technical, economic, financial and juridical issues. It ensures coordination of railway transport operations, development of agreed principles for further cooperation and implementation of transportation at the governmental level. The Council’s meetings are held twice a year in a member country. The previous meeting was held in Uzbekistan in October 2009.

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