Tuesday 20 July 2010
UIC Multi-regional projects

European-Asian project proposals at Rail System Forum

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For the first time European experts will be working in close cooperation with Chinese experts on a selection of projects in the context of a Global Project Management system as part of the new UIC strategy outlined by UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux.

Four projects were presented at a Working Session of the Rail System Forum in June, covering topics from Infrastructure and Rolling Stock.

The projects comprise High Speed Rail Turnout, High Speed Rail Expansion Joints, Interconnecting gangways for coaches and Diagnostics on passenger rolling stock (the two latter are in the form of UIC leaflets). The Ministry of Railways in China has proposed to carry out these projects in direct cooperation with the UIC Passenger Department and the Rail System Forum.

There are plans to involve universities in this Asian region proposal to ensure the results are highly interoperable, within European standards and in compliance with the safety criteria in Europe.

A call for experts interested in taking part will be launched by the UIC Rail System Department for the development of these project proposals.

For more information please contact Annemarie Ebenberger: ebenberger@uic.org

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