Monday 13 September 2010
Asset Management

Announcement of the Asset Management Workshop (Paris, 27 October)

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UIC is pleased to invite you to a workshop dedicated to Asset Management that will be held in Paris on 27 October 2010.

Main objectives

  • Improving your business
  • Learning how to use the potential benefit of asset management approach
  • Learning from best practice
  • Showing that you are engaged in a professional and transparent approach

Target audience

  • Decision makers from UIC member railways concerned with asset management
  • Other railway organisations interested in the concept

Provisional programme

  • 08.30: Registration
  • 09.00: Welcome and introduction by A. Bauer (ProRail)
  • 09.15: Framework of asset management by A. Kirwan (Network Rail)
  1. Experience of implementation & self assessment (ProRail)
  2. Differentiation (SBB)
  3. AI System (RFI)
  • 11.00: Line comparison “benchmark” (Infrabel and RFF)
  • Lunch
  • 13:30: Information
  1. LICB LICB Lasting Infrastructure Cost Benchmarking report - (Lasting Infrastructure Costs Benchmarking) presentation of the new methodology and IT system by T. Gradinariu (UIC)
  2. ORR presentation by GC Scarsi
  • 14.30: Reporting and summary by D. Mc Keown from IAM (The Institute of Asset Management, UK) as independent party
  • 16.00: Conclusions and next steps by A. Bauer (ProRail)

For more information please contact Françoise El Alaoui:

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