Tuesday 14 September 2010
Railway Research

R&D projects involving UIC will be presented during InnoTrans, the International Exhibition Fair to be held in Berlin (20 - 24 September 2010)

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Representatives from UIC and UNIFE will present various R&D projects during the International Trade Fair “InnoTrans”, to be held in Berlin from 20 - 24 September 2010.

Among the projects presented:

CleanER-D – Tuesday 21 September, 17:00
Clean European Rail-Diesel – aims to develop, improve and integrate emissions reduction technologies for diesel locomotives and rail vehicles. Its target is to achieve emissions levels below the limits established by the new European Directive 2004/26/EC and to evaluate innovative and hybrid solutions for the best possible contribution to reductions in CO2 emissions.

ERRAC – Thursday 23 September, 10:00
The European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) is an advisory body to the EU Commission (European Technology Platform) representing member states and all stakeholders in the railway sector. Its mission is to develop a ‘Strategic Rail Research Agenda’ to inform and define the planning of research programmes across the EU.
The new ERRAC-ROADMAP project will help translate, monitor and disseminate to the European industry as a whole the strategic recommendations and guidelines of the Strategic Rail Research Agenda.

INNOTRACK – Wednesday 22 September, 14:00
Innovative Track Systems – aims to develop cost-effective high performance track infrastructure for heavy rail systems. It is a joint initiative between railways and the supply industry to provide innovative solutions for major cost reductions in investment and maintenance with the aim of reducing life-cycle costs (around 30%), while improving the RAMS characteristics of a conventional line with a mixed traffic duty and increasing traffic.

PROTECTRAIL – Tuesday 21 September, 17:00
Protectrail will develop an integrated system to improve the security of rail transport through better protection of railways (infrastructures) and trains, and to reduce disparity in security between European railway systems. Its challenge is to make the single asset-specific solutions interoperable and to conceive and design a modular architectural framework where each asset-specific solution can be “plugged”.

Railenergy – Tuesday 21 September, 14:00
& Thursday 23 September, 14:30

The RAILENERGY project targeted energy efficiency of the integrated railway system by investigating and validating solutions ranging from the introduction of innovative traction technologies, components and layouts to the development of rolling stock, operation and infrastructure management strategies.

TrioTRAIN – Thursday 23 September, 16:00
Total Regulatory Acceptance for the Interoperable Network – a cluster of integrated projects to promote interoperability by increasing the use of virtual certification. This means replacing the physical testing processes by virtual simulation and simplifying complicated authorisation processes through an optimised mix of field testing, mock-up testing and simulation.

INESS (INtegrated European Signalling System) - hosted in UNIFE Stand

The project will define and develop specifications for a new generation of interlocking systems, and will thus extend and enhance the standardisation process according to the current European policies. It will further lead to industry being more directly involved with Infrastructure Managers in developing innovative solutions for the future based on an enhanced and common understanding of the operational requirements needing to be delivered into the railway transportation system.


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