Friday 24 September 2010
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Croatia: A prototype of an EMU for regional transport manufactured in Croatia is presented in Zagreb. The train was presented at the Innotrans Fair in Berlin

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In the context of the opening-up of the rail transport services market in Croatia and the arrival of foreign carriers (operators) on domestic lines, HŽ intends to position itself as the market’s main passenger carrier by modernising its rolling stock. There are plans to procure 92 new low-floor multiple units by 2018.

The project to develop and produce prototypes of urban-suburban multiple units is financed by the state budget and the resources of HŽ-Putnički prijevoz d.o.o. and the city of Zagreb.

The prototype of a low-floor EMU for regional transport was presented to the public at Zagreb Main Station only ten months after the contract was concluded in September 2010. During the development and production particular attention was paid to ensure that new trains complied with all the valid legal provisions, EU directives, TSIs, European and Croatian standards and other relevant regulations. The low-floor EMU for regional transport is intended for medium-long and long-distance passenger transport services on 25 kV 50 Hz lines. It will be used to connect Zagreb with other cities.

(Source: HZ)

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