Thursday 25 November 2010
Railway Research

UIC announces the 8th IRRB meeting on 29 November 2010, Paris

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In order to properly tackle the recent changes in the railway environment, it is necessary for railways to develop innovative technologies, taking customer focus as their starting point.

The 7th IRRB meeting in St Petersburg on 5 July 2010 discussed how to revitalise its activities and reached an agreement on the new IRRB Charter which describes the future activities of IRRB. IRRB now needs to follow the principles set out in this new charter and endeavour to become one of the official UIC working bodies.

At the 8th IRRB meeting, the Terms of Reference (ToR) and the nomination of a new IRRB Chairperson will be discussed as well as the implementation of three tasks described in the new IRRB Charter: (1) Exchange of information on railway research and development (2) Promotion of standardisation and (3) Worldwide promotion of UIC leaflets. IRRB’s Strategic Paper including future cooperation between IRRB and WCRR (World Congress on Railway Research) will also be an important topic on the agenda.

The UIC will report on the outcome of this meeting in the next issue of UIC eNews.

UIC invites all members to take a keen interest in IRRB developments and activities which will play a highly important role for the future of the railways around the world.

For more information please contact Dennis Schut: or Koichiro Suzuki:

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