Tuesday 11 January 2011
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ProtectRail project website launched at http://www.protectrail.eu

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ProtectRail is an integration project selected by the European Commission as part of the call for proposals under the 7th framework programme for research and development, addressing integrated protection of rail transportation.

ProtectRail will develop an integrated system to improve the security of rail transport through better protection of railways (infrastructures) and trains, and to reduce disparity in security between European railway systems. Its challenge is to make the single asset-specific solutions interoperable and to conceive and design a modular architectural framework where each asset-specific solution can be “plugged”.

The project led by Ansaldo STS Spa started in September 2010 for a duration of 42 months and at a total cost of 21 million €. Five railways companies are involved in the consortium and act as end-users: LG (Lithuania), PKP PLK SA (Poland), SNCF (France), TCDD (Turkey) and ZSSK (Slovakia). The UIC Security Division is leading the dissemination sub-project. The objective is to guarantee that the project results will satisfy user needs and fulfil railway requirements, and in particular that proposed solutions are feasible for implementation from an economical, organisational and operational perspective.

You can visit the website on line at
http://www.protectrail.eu to obtain more information about the project.

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