Tuesday 22 February 2011
International cooperation

UIC and OSJD launch their 2011-2015 joint work programme

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On 17 February, UIC and OSJD formalised their joint work programme for 2011-2015 in Warsaw. The programme continues and builds on the cooperation agreement signed on 23 March 2010 by the two organisations. At a time of growing Asian and Eurasian freight links, this work aims to facilitate technical and commercial interoperability as well as the exchange of data between the two continents.

UIC has given priority to two projects it wishes to develop very shortly: pooling technical and operational data along various Eurasian rail routes and the “Automatic Track Changeover Systems” project. These topics, like all the activities and seminars featured on the programme, should benefit all the members of both organisations. Meetings are scheduled for the coming weeks to start delivering on these expectations. Furthermore, UIC showed particular interest in sharing and developing its knowledge of the recommendations and standards issued by OSJD to its governments and members.

Finally, this meeting was an opportunity to promote the activities underway in the Freight Department (IMPORT and ICOMOD) and in the Asian Region to both members of UIC and OSJD and to other participants.

For more information please contact Vincent Vu: vu@uic.org

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