Friday 20 May 2011
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Update on the restoration of the East Japan Railway Company network

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The recent situation of JR East as of May 13 is as follows:

  • The Tohoku Shinkansen resumed service on all sections on 29 April, 50 days after the disaster.
  • A large number of passengers, about 2 863 000, travelled on our Shinkansen, limited express and rapid trains during the 11-day Japanese holiday known as “The Golden Week” (28 April - 8 May).
  • As one of the measures to support the affected area, we are also donating a portion of sales from our “Gran Class” first-class cars which have been added to the latest Shinkansen “HAYABUSA”.
  • We are now selling the “Restoration Support Pass” which offers cheaper fares for people visiting the affected area in an effort to support restoration and to revitalise eastern Japan, including Tohoku, by transporting many tourists to the area. The pass provides one-day of unlimited travel on all JR East trains (local, limited express and express services, including Shinkansen) and costs only 10 000 yen.

(Source: JR East, Tokyo)

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