Wednesday 7 September 2011
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1st International ‘Oil-Rail’ Conference to be held in December 2011 in Tehran

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The 1st international ‘Oil-Rail’ Conference organised by Niroorail Transportation – the Iranian company specialised in transport with tank wagons – with the support of Iranian Railways and UIC (UIC Regional Assembly for the Middle-East – RAME – and the UIC Freight Department) is scheduled to be held in Tehran, I.R. of Iran, on 13-14 December 2011.

This international conference will focus for the first time on all aspects of development in the transport of oil, gas and petrochemical products by rail. Although this theme is highly relevant in all Middle-Eastern countries, it should also arouse strong interest in many countries from all continents with significant activity in oil and gas extraction and exports or petrochemical industries.

This conference will be open to high-level representatives and experts from railway companies and national authorities, international organisations, oil and gas companies, petrochemical industries, safety authorities, etc.

One of the main objectives is to increase rail’s market share in oil and gas transportation (the markets, at least in the Middle-East, are currently dominated by road and pipelines) and to develop a safe, reliable, sustainable rail transport system for carrying these very specific goods.

Sessions and round tables will focus in particular on:

  • Statistics and economy of rail and gas transport
  • Fuel supply chain and logistics
  • Operations and traffic management
  • Infrastructure and technical equipment
  • Wagon fleet
  • An environmentally-friendly mode, reducing air pollution
  • Safety and security in the transport of oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Combined transport methods and transhipment (rail-road, rail-port)
  • Regulations and tariffs, customs

Among the commercial and technical issues to be mentioned are:

  • Increasing the load capacity of oil and gas
  • Increasing rail network capacity and possibilities for more traffic
  • Reducing loading and unloading times
  • Reducing transport time
  • Improving connections to major consumer centres (power plants, warehouse, etc.)

For more information please visit the conference website: or

Please contact; or contact UIC HQ: Paul Véron, Coordinator for the Middle-East:

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