Wednesday 14 September 2011
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France: RFF appoints Luc Roger as Director of European and International Affairs

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Luc Roger, formerly Regional Director for Upper and Lower Normandy at Réseau ferré de France (RFF), has been appointed Director of European and International Affairs at RFF.

Having graduated from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies) and completed studies in Public Law, Luc Roger spent a large part of his career at France’s Crédit Foncier, where he exercised duties directly related to international affairs and communication. He was an advisor in Gabon before becoming Director of Communications and then Director of International Affairs. He was appointed CEO of Foncier Expertise, followed by Director of Commercial Development and Director of Institutional Relations at Crédit Foncier.

After serving as Chef de Cabinet for the Minister of Defence from 1983 – 1988, followed by Advisor to the Minister of Public Works, Housing, Transport and Territorial Development in 1991, and subsequently to the Minister of the Interior and Public Safety, Luc Roger joined RFF in 2001 as Director of Communications before being appointed Director of Strategy at UIC in 2006, and then Director of Sustainable Development. He had been Regional Director for Upper and Lower Normandy since 2008.

(Source: RFF press)

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