Tuesday 27 September 2011
High Speed Rail / World Congress

UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 “monthly corner” : Stay up-to-date with the organisation of the 8th World Congress on High Speed Rail !

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“High-Speed Rail : Connecting People, Building Sustainable Prosperity”

UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 will be held in Philadelphia, USA on 10-13 July 2012. This 8th World Congress on High-Speed Rail will address strategic issues linked to the national and international development of high-speed rail systems.
This global event is organised by the UIC and APTA, the American Public Transportation Association, with the cooperation of UIC North American members the American rail operator AMTRAK, the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation and VIA Rail Canada. Key players from the international transport sector are expected to be present.

The previous edition of UIC HIGHSPEED, held in Beijing in 2010, concluded that high-speed rail is considered an important factor in facing current and future mobility challenges, where performance level, safety, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness remain critical. High-speed rail offers great advantages for economic recovery, sustainable growth, social development, and in securing public welfare. It has become a recognised mode of transportation at a global level that is being built for the benefit of the next generation. UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 will build further on these and the next steps on the part of operations as well as investments in research and innovation.

America’s new vision for high-speed rail has created national awareness of the benefits of high-speed rail. The Department of Transportation initially announced $8 billion of targeted investments in America’s high-speed rail network, a number which has grown. Investments have been granted for 32 projects, including the Northeast Corridor, the Midwest and the very high-speed rail system in California. Current projects on high-speed rail upgrades include the Chicago-St Louis run, Boston-Portland, Seattle-Portland, and the start of a landmark California network.

“The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is excited to be hosting the UIC 8th World Congress on High-Speed Rail and we look forward to welcoming the world to Philadelphia and the United States. As America reshapes our transportation options to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, UIC’s decision to hold the World Congress here will go a long way in helping the United States gather the critical information and expertise to advance high-speed rail." said APTA President William Millar.

“High-speed rail is developing at an impressive pace around the world. High-speed rail is often described as the “transport mode of the future”; it is good for mobility, sustainability, the environment and for people as it creates employment and business through infrastructure and new services. UIC and APTA - with the cooperation of UIC North American members AMTRAK, the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and VIA Rail - are very happy to organize the 8th edition of our World Congress in Philadelphia, PA on 10-13 July 2012. I hope that all our experiences and those of our members may contribute to making swift progress in high-speed development in the USA, thereby enabling the USA to join the world’s high-speed rail leaders.” added Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General

UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 consists of a world congress and a trade exhibition. The congress is renowned worldwide as the most prominent and large-scale global event on high-speed rail. High-level speakers and participants will meet to consider and discuss all issues linked to high-speed rail development. This includes political and strategic planning, innovative financing solutions, technological innovations, energy and carbon balance, standards and interoperability, safety and security management, research, trends in commercial concepts and services, and partnerships. Participants include political decision-makers at a national and local level, representatives of governments, international institutions, key economical/financial/environmental organisations, financial institutions, industry research centers, universities, the global high-speed rail supply industry and the international press.

The trade exhibition will be held simultaneously with the world congress and will provide a meeting platform where latest technologies and developments in high-speed rail will be showcased. Railway manufacturers, railway undertakings, infrastructure companies, consultants, supplying industry, and service companies will demonstrate their innovative products and services to visitors to the exhibition as well as the high-level congress participants.

The programme will also include technical tours facilitated by AMTRAK.

More information is available on the UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 website:

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02. Skyline Philadelphia, host city of UIC HIGHSPEED 2012