Monday 17 October 2011
Railway Noise

EuropeTrain test campaign: the 9th run for the second Eastern Loop to Poland started with a short trip to Slovakia

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After nearly three weeks of intense activity in the DB Systemtechnik centre, the EuropeTrain test train – composed of international freight wagons of various types – set off again on 15 October with a short delay from Minden via Berlin to Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, and entered Poland on 16 October.

This international test train, managed by Deutsche Bahn on behalf of UIC with Johannes Gräber as Project Manager, seeks to test under operational conditions the “LL” composite brake blocks, which aim to significantly reduce noise emissions produced by freight trains.

After passing the German/Polish border in Frankfurt-an-der-Oder a short trip to Slovakia was planned for the 17/18 October. After returning from Slovakia, up to 12 cycles are planned in Poland via Poznan – Warszawa – Lukow – Lotz – Poznan. Due to the delay, the planning has to be rescheduled. The return via Frankfurt-an-der-Oder is planned for 1 November 2011 and the train will be back in Minden, Germany on 2 November.

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