Monday 17 October 2011
Railway Freight

UIC Freight Department publishes its information brochure

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On 13 October, on the occasion of the Freight Forum chaired by Ferdinand Schmidt from ÖBB Producktion, the UIC freight team presented its new brochure.

This 12 page document provides a snapshot of freight activities at UIC and gives a succinct view of the Freight Forum’s organisation and objectives. It goes on to describe how these objectives are adapted to permanent activities and project work according to the priorities set by members.

Priorities are reviewed on a periodical basis and the working bodies adapt their work plan accordingly. The 2012 priorities are outlined for each pillar of freight activity as follows:
Combined traffic, quality management, rolling stock, IT, operations, contacts with forwarders, acquisition of new members and communications activities in the shape of web tools and global freight conferences.

The brochure also highlights a selection of recently completed projects and provides a summary bibliography of the most recent publications.

Copies can be obtained from

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