Wednesday 1 February 2012
International Rail Events in 2012

2012: A series of major world events organised by UIC together with its members and institutional partners

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UIC, in close collaboration with its members, will initiate a number of international railway events and participate as a partner in a series of major transport events in 2012. These congresses, conferences and forums will provide unique opportunities to promote international cooperation between members, develop new partnerships and boost exchanges on best practice at global level.

Major UIC and international transport events planned for 2012:

18 – 20 April 2012, Taipei: 2nd UIC High Speed Interaction Workshop - Maintenance of High Speed Rail Systems organized at the kind invitation of THSRC. Contact:

24 – 26 April 2012, Stockholm: 10th UIC ERTMS World Conference (“ERTMS Global Dimensions”), organised by UIC with Trafikverket, the Swedish transport administration, UNIFE, CER, EIM, ERTMS and GSM-R Users’ Groups. Contact:; website:

2 – 4 May 2012, Leipzig: International Transport Forum’s 2012 Summit (“Seamless transport: Making connections”) organised by ITF, the global transport policy platform linked to the OECD. UIC will be participating to represent the worldwide rail sector. Information:

7 June 2012: ILCAD (International Level Crossing Awareness Day) coordinated by UIC at the initiative of ELCF, and backed by CER and EIM, etc. Contact: or

17 – 19 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro: UIC Sustainability Reception and Workshop on Railway Potential in Latin and South America at Rio+20 Earth Summit. Contact:

10 – 13 July 2012, Philadelphia, USA: UIC HIGHSPEED 2012, 8th World Congress on High Speed Rail (“High Speed Rail: Connecting People, Building Sustainable Prosperity”), organised by UIC with APTA (American Public Transport Association), in cooperation with AAR, Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration (US DoT). Information: UIC General Assembly will be held during the same period (9 July 2012) in Philadelphia.

7 – 12 October 2012, London: world rail safety week including International Railway Safety Conference (IRSC):, 7 – 12 October, 12th Global Level Crossing and Trespass Symposium (GLXS):, UIC Safety Platform, 11 October 2012. Contact:

17 – 19 October 2012, Tangier, Morocco: 3rd Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC), based on the theme “Railway transport – what role does it play in the development of global logistics?”, jointly organised by UIC and Moroccan State Railways (ONCF)

24 – 26 October 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia: 8th UIC World Congress on Rail Security jointly organised by UIC with ZSSK. Information:

25 – 27 October 2012, Venice: UIC World Sustainability Conference jointly organised by UIC with Ferrovie Italiane (FS)

12 December 2012, Paris, UIC General Assembly: UIC 90th anniversary event, World Rail Innovation Award (dates to be confirmed).

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