Wednesday 1 February 2012
UIC’S 90th Anniversary

Postage stamps issued around major milestones in UIC’s history

UIC currently seeking copies of these national stamps as part of its 90th anniversary

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Since the founding of UIC in 1922, a number of postage stamps have been issued to mark some important milestones in the history of the international railway association. Some stamps marked the creation of the association or anniversaries – with special attention given to the 50th anniversary in 1972. A number of stamps were produced for the occasion of the international railway congresses that UIC organised every four years together with IRCA/AICCF, the International Railway Congress Association.

This picture illustrates some of the stamps dedicated to UIC anniversaries or to UIC/IRCA international railway congresses that were issued by postal administrations in Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Yugoslavia.

As part of UIC’s 90 year anniversary, copies of all these national stamps are intended to be made and presented all together on a flyer made available to members.

For this purpose, please send copies (paper or electronic versions) of stamps produced in your country featuring UIC to:

UIC Communications Department (90 year anniversary), 16 rue Jean Rey, F – 75015 Paris, France, or to

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