Tuesday 27 March 2012
Railway Security

UIC Security Platform: First meeting of the working group on metal theft

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Given the importance of metal theft and its impact on railway companies, a decision was made to create this group at the World Security Congress in Rome (21 – 23 September 2011). The group is chaired by Christian Fortier from SNCF and vice-chaired by Miroslav Zeman from ZSR (Slovakian infrastructure manager).

Some key presentations were delivered at this first meeting, in particular by France’s Central Office for Combating Itinerant Delinquency, by SNCF, and by the UK’s Network Rail.

The participants stated that although there are different initiatives undertaken by various member states, European coordination could add real value and prevent criminal gangs from crossing borders to dispose of stolen material.

The issue affects both the technical aspects of the protection and surveillance of equipment, the organisation of railway companies, partnerships with the police and the courts to punish the offences, and referrals to European and international authorities.

The working group is set to expand over time, with other UIC members having expressed a wish to be involved in the subject. The meeting of the next working group is scheduled to be held on 11 June 2012 at UIC in Paris, where some technological solutions will be presented.

All the presentations delivered during the meeting are available in the dedicated “Security” section of the UIC Extranet.

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From left to right: Jacques Colliard, Head of UIC Security Division, François Despres, French Gendarmerie OCLDI, Christian Fortier, SNCF, Chairman of the working group, Miroslav Zeman, ZSR, Vice-Chairman of the working group